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nothing good ever came from being beige

so why are our homes so full of beige, white, magnolia? we are gorgeously interesting colourful three dimensional human beings. you are not beige. so why is your home? 

maximalist til the cows come home, the cuzon market is a print lovers safe haven. good design, loud colours, (never) too much velvet. welcome home. 

with strong vegan ethics and a heavy conscience, we try to be as kind to the world as possible. that means all our fabrics are digitally printed in the uk (reducing water use by 90% and electrical usage by 30% vs other printing methods). 

say no to beige. say no to the same old.

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(living in berlin). i graduated in 2016 in fashion buying management from the university of westminster. i've also worked for a bunch of different fashion brands (topshop, asos, american apparel, zalando).

that's the beige bit out of the way. still with me? 

the juicy bits. i'm a lover of cushions, a true homesense rummager, a netflix binger, a vegan queen and a woman on a mission to destroy the patriarchy.

having been called militant too many times to recall, i decided to embrace it. so here i am. a militant cushion lover. 

also (s)mother to rescue pup, luca 

"coolest new kid on the block."

— Needs More Cushions